Friday, April 6, 2012

Women of Wonder Day, 2011 (It's back, and better than ever!!)

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that contrary to what my friend DJ and I had heard, the Wonder Woman Museum was NOT cancelling its annual charity event.  Instead, it was hereafter referred to as WOMEN OF WONDER DAY.  The basics were the same: a charity auction of original art by professional artists, the proceeds of which would go to benefit shelters which aid battered women.  The one major change was the subject matter.  In the past, donated pieces were limited to renditions of Wonder Woman, and nothing else. 
 Now that was expanded to heroic women of all stripes, not only from comics, but film, literature, and animation as well.  This gave us artists a chance to spread our wings a bit, and it gave me a chance to try a couple of characters I hadn't tried before.  Moreover, I also decided to go with a different set of materials this time.  Instead of drawing out the piece then going to Photoshop to add the colors in, I'd stay away from the digital this time, and use markers to add every drop of color!  

This Marvel Girl pic is one of the few pieces I've done which ended up exactly the way I'd planned it to!

...But this seems to be everyone's favorite.  (Mine, too, if I must confess.  It's only my second real attempt at a colored Harry Potter piece, and I have a thing about characters from books of which I'm a fan; I always like to think that one day the author might see my work, and he/she would smile if I did them justice.)

Nonetheless, I do think my donations for the 2011 event were my best yet.  Even though I have no idea what they went for at auction, I'm again honored to contribute to a decent cause, and especially happy that the event is still going.  If the Art Gods are willing and the creek don't rise, count me in for next year!!

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