Friday, April 6, 2012

Just A-DRINKIN' and A-DRAWIN'...!!!!

Now, as an aside to my regular entriesof warm-up sketches, I've decided to include a little subset.  These will collect a type of sketch I've done more times over the last decade or so than I can ever remember:

The Bar Sketch.  The one you draw when you really shouldn't be trying to do anything that requires mental focus.  The one you look at later on while thinking, "I may need help," or "Wow, I hope no one saw that," or "Who are you...And where are my clothes?"  Here we shall examine the results of the dreaded crime of DWI...Drawing While Intoxicated.

Now don't go thinking it's all bad.  Drawing while down at the ol' watering hole can have its perks.  Y'know what's cool about sketching at the bar? It's a great way for a customer to get in good with his/ her favorite bartender...unless you ARE the bartender. ( Then it's a great way to beef up your tips!)

Another Bar Sketch. So I'm explaining the difference between a Vodka Stinger and a Green Hornet to someone, and just got to Thinking...

Three beers, couple shots o' Jameson, and BAM... Solomon Grundy bar sketch all up in here...!!!

Since I've hearby sworn to keep track of the random doodles I've been known to draw when I'm out at a bar or pub, I figured I might as well start fresh. So I stopped at a bookstore and picked up a couple of Moleskine Journals in which to keep the aforementioned doodles. I'm pretty sure I was thinking about Steve Ditko, which made for the overall theme of the sketches.

(I was also drinking Jameson's Whisky, which is why...ah never mind!!!)

See this is a perfect example of how things can go downhill when combining alcohol and a sketchbook. This started out as me seriously trying to draw something decent. I stopped for a sec to step outside and make a phone call, and when I get back in, there's a fresh beer and a round of shots in front of me.

Next thing you know, I've got Batman & Robin doin' the "Dougie!..."

There will be more of these to come.  Washington DC is one of the most booze-laden cities in the U.S., after all!

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