Thursday, July 19, 2012

SDCC Re-cap! (Braaaaiinssss...)

I had a BLAST at Comic-Con this year!!  Reminisced with my old friends, met with some new ones (shout-out to Jeracl C. and Lee Davis... welcome to the fold!)  Talked shop with some industry folk, picked up a knicknack or two (free markers from the Sakura folks!)  And tried my damndest to wrangle a job (Thanks for the praise, Cartoon Network.  If you guys were hiring, I'd be in Heaven right now!)

I even hung out with the Walking Dead...!

 (See that expression on my face? The chick with the sword just told me she's into necrophilia.  SHAZAM!)

All jokes aside, It was one of the better Cons for me and my mob out of the 13-odd years we've been going.  It gave us a bit more energy to carry on into this Fall, and 2013 beyond.  Next stop: NYCC shenanigans with Tom Kelly!!

GRAMPS Model Sheet

This is part of the latest set of model sheets that I've done.  (It's actually one of my older characters, one I've been using in storyboard samples for years.  I've just never done an actual model sheet of good ol' Gramps until now!)

I think I'll delve a little further into Gramps' universe.  Maybe another set of Model sheets, and a new set of boards.  Hell, even an animatic if I can swing it!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Next Stop: SDCC 2012...!!!!

Okay, sports fans.  In two days I'll be headed yet again to San Diego for the Comic-Con, where I'll no doubt spend countless hours sitting Portfolio Review, and countless braincells drinking at the Marriott Bar later that night!!! 

Think I'll do a new business card this year.