Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wonder Woman Day IV

On October 25th, 2009, the Wonder Woman Museum will hold it's 4th annual WONDER WOMAN DAY in Portland , OR and Flemington, NJ. The event is a charity which includes both art showings and silent & live auctions of original WW artwork; 100% of the proceeds go to benefit shelters for victims of domestic abuse, which is a damn good cause. Check it out at:
Although I first heard about it last year by way of Rashad Doucet, my friend DJ Jackson was the one who persuaded me this year to contribute a piece. It was a bit of a headache (mostly because due to DC Comics' being kinda itchy about digital pieces, they were adamant the submissions had to be hard copy w/ original work; I had to print up a digital copy, then retouch it w/ paint and marker!) Still, it was fun to do, and cool to see DJ get some of his work out there (motherfucker did THREE wicked-ass pieces in marker in the time it took me to do one!) Once I sent the original off, I went back into my digital version and added the same highlights using Photoshop; I like it much better this way.