Monday, July 29, 2013

Latest Model sheet: KUNG FU PUG!

Theses originated as yet another of my Bar sketches (I may post the originals later.)

The Idead stuck with me enough to make me research kung fu stances, weapons, and uniforms (hell, I even tried to find apparel from the Shun Dynasty, when the breed first originated!)  But with time ruinning out until I flew to SDCC, I just pushed the design on out...

Crazy thing?  I'm not even a fan of the breed.  I blame this squarely on Mike Norton, Eisner-winning creator of "BattlePug"...!!!

Drink and Draw pics from HEROES CON. (Kids, Please...Don't Draw Drunk!)

At the end of the first night of HEROES last month, I moseyed on over to a charity Drink-and-Draw; all of the pieces were auctioned off.  Never one to shy away from the challenge of trying to draw something decent while hammering my brain and liver with alcohol, I accepted the challenge!!

Everyone loves Jon Snow and Daenerys Targeryen.  How come no one loves King Joffrey?
Oh, that's right.  He's a douchebag.
At any rate, I penciled him in on a Con Coaster.

Buoyed by my homage to House Lannister-er, I mean Baratheon, I drank another Jim Beam and Coke, and chased it with a beer.  Armed with a larger piece of board, and less active brain cells, I decided to throw down the KINGPIN!

Believe it or not, there was another sketch, one I barely remember doing (I think it was Karnak the Shatterer from the Inhumans saying something vulgar.)  By that time I was so blistered, I didn't even remember to take a pic of it.  Nonetheless, it went to auction, and vanished.  So that counts as a good deed, right?

Second Round Con Prints for ya!!!

For Heroes Con in June, I was able to knock out two more Prints.

This first one, a Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn pin-up, went through a couple of different incarnations.  I really wanted to try to get the whole chummy, slightly goofy "Thelma and Louise" dynamic down between the two.

I also really wanted to work on the basic color theory stuff that I was too brick-headed to get when my old professor Durwin Talon was teaching it back at SCAD.  It took a Q&A session with Brian Stelfreeze at last year's Baltimore Con for me to finally get what I should've learned a decade ago.

Next up was something I'd sketched in one of my sketchbooks more than a year ago.  I finally revisited the idea and gave it the old once-over...

I love, and I mean LOVE the movie "Office Space"!!  I made sure to add to everyone who saw it at the booth in Charlotte that proceeds from sales of this print would go to the hunt for a red Swingline stapler.  (Believe it or not, they've been impossible to find since the movie came out!!)

Con Season Prints, Part Three!!! (WARNING: Spoiler Alert for those who've been under a rock for the past few months!)

This Print was the last of the pieces I finished for April's Awesome Con DC (along with the Jon Snow and Deadpool prints.)  As viewers of the "Walking Dead" TV series know, it's a shot of perrenial fan favorite Darryl Dixon and his scummy brother, Merle (a perrenial Steve favorite!)

I was laying down the inks on this piece while watching the next-to-last episode of Season Three.  As the episode began, I remember thinking, "This piece will KILL during the Con season.  The Dixon Brothers' subplots can carry all of next season...!!!"

As the episode ended, I literally thought, "All they both have to do is stay alive until--ARRRGGGHHH!!!"

Dammit, Merle...!!!

Con Season Prints, Cont.

This is my favorite Print to date.  (And everyone else's apparently!)

It's basically an homage to the movie poster for Brian Depalma's 1980's Scarface remake, with Marvel's loud-mouthed comic assain Deadpool in the place fo Al Pacino's Tony Montana.

I learned quite a few lessons during the 2012 Con season, tabling with my friends Tom Kelly and Jay Potts.  One of them is this: People of all ages love Deadpool.  Why? Who knows.  Tom offers the most sound theory, that his popularity has transcended comics thanks to his being one of the most played characters on the "Marvel vs. CAPCOM" video game.

Whatever the reason, I swear I'll always try to have a Deadpool piece ready for every con from here on...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Con Season Prints!!

I really liked "Life of Pi."
I love "Game of Thrones."

'Nuff Said.