Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's been WAY too long!!!

Hey, true believers!

 Yeah, I know, I know, I need to have my ass kicked (YET AGAIN) for waiting this long to post.

I'm currently lumbering through the 2014 convention season, with 2 VA single-day cons, Awesome Con, C2E2, HeroesCon, and SDCC under my belt, and Baltimore ComicCon, NYCC, and the 2-day VA ComicCon to go.

But enough about me.  You guys wanna see some prints? 

First out of the starting gate is a print I actually did in the middle of this con season, between Awesome and C2E2.  In advance of the film release of "Guardians of the Galaxy (which turned out to achieve levels of awesome that none of us could've predicted, by the way) I noticed everyone had a thing for certain small mammal, voiced by Bradley Cooper in the movie.  Here's Rocket Raccoon for ya...!