Thursday, April 5, 2012

SDCC Star Wars Pin-up: AGAIN with the Process!!

July, 2011 and it's Comic-Con time!  Time once again to spend endless hours in Portfolio Review, waiting amongst the (literally) unwashed masses to pitch yourself to the talent scout of your choice.This year, along with the usual suspects in my portfolio (storyboards, pencilc, model sheets) I decided to do a pin-up or two.  One of them, of course, is SW-related; as I said in an earlier blog, no matter how much they claim to be unbiased, ALWAYS include work focused on the company with whom you're interviewing.

So, I decided to beef up a  sketchbook idea I'd been working back and forth for a while.  The basic concept was Han Solo and Chewbacca arguing while doing repairs.  I decided that I hadn't done enough large-scale pieces, so I decided to work at 11 x 17-inches.  I also decided to work on the background and foreground elements separately.  So first, I pencilled and inked the two figures: 

Next, I worked on the background, which I decided would be one of the struts of their spaceship.  (Now I hate drawing machinery, so this became the real "grunt-work" portion of the piece.  That being said, I was satisfied with the results:
Once I had the two drawings inked, I simply colored each one individually, then copy-pasted the figures onto the background.  When I was happy with the positioning and color, I added the effects (the fog, the torch's flare,) and VOILA!  The finished product:

I don't know what to make of the reaction to the piece.  Some of the reviewers didn't comment, some made a note of it.  One actually luaghed, and alerted his friend to it.

In the end, along with it being a solid  finished piece, it helped me to answer a question about coloring technique and my digital illos; from here on out, if I have a piece with a complex BG, I'll definitely consider taking this option.                          

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