Monday, July 29, 2013

Con Season Prints, Part Three!!! (WARNING: Spoiler Alert for those who've been under a rock for the past few months!)

This Print was the last of the pieces I finished for April's Awesome Con DC (along with the Jon Snow and Deadpool prints.)  As viewers of the "Walking Dead" TV series know, it's a shot of perrenial fan favorite Darryl Dixon and his scummy brother, Merle (a perrenial Steve favorite!)

I was laying down the inks on this piece while watching the next-to-last episode of Season Three.  As the episode began, I remember thinking, "This piece will KILL during the Con season.  The Dixon Brothers' subplots can carry all of next season...!!!"

As the episode ended, I literally thought, "All they both have to do is stay alive until--ARRRGGGHHH!!!"

Dammit, Merle...!!!

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