Monday, July 29, 2013

Con Season Prints, Cont.

This is my favorite Print to date.  (And everyone else's apparently!)

It's basically an homage to the movie poster for Brian Depalma's 1980's Scarface remake, with Marvel's loud-mouthed comic assain Deadpool in the place fo Al Pacino's Tony Montana.

I learned quite a few lessons during the 2012 Con season, tabling with my friends Tom Kelly and Jay Potts.  One of them is this: People of all ages love Deadpool.  Why? Who knows.  Tom offers the most sound theory, that his popularity has transcended comics thanks to his being one of the most played characters on the "Marvel vs. CAPCOM" video game.

Whatever the reason, I swear I'll always try to have a Deadpool piece ready for every con from here on...

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