Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Great Comic Strip Contest!

So in the summer, I became aware of a contest co-sponsored by both the Washington Post and some webcomics site. they were looking for a comic strip artists with a novel idea to submit six sample strips. The main prize was too good to pass up: A cool grand in cash, and a 30-day stint on the Post comics page, with the option from one of the big Syndicates to pick up the artist permanently! I went to work on a long-overdue concept, and came up with a pretty decent entry (well, I think it's decent.) I tapped into my experiences as a bartender, teacher, artist, and coach here in DC and came up with "Last Call!"

Alas, I didn't make the final cut. (In my opinion, only a few of the ten finalists had marketable ideas; in fact, one even had a gag that was stole from someone else!) And while the Web guy promised to give me a detailed critique, I haven't heard from him yet. Nonetheless, I'm EXTREMELY happy with what I did, and I'm seriously considering putting together a submission of my own for the Syndicates to judge...

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