Sunday, November 7, 2010

Avatar time AGAIN!!!

Jump ahead to Spring 2010... What with the long winter being over, I was overdue for Spring Cleaning (in my head, anyway.) And what better way to shake off the cobwebs than to throw a new avatar out into the ether? Since I was feeling like I'd been neglecting my Cintiq, I decided to show it some love and get to work. To that end, I came up with a decent little avatar design:

Satisfied with the basic idea, I laid some Inks down over the old bear:

And then, I just needed to take some time and feed it to the Cintiq. It took a couple of weeks, but then wouldn't you know it? i had to pull a double shift at the old overnight job. Now nothing sucks more than having to work during the day when you're a nocturnal type of guy. If you wanna throw gas on the situation, make that day shift a double; then you're talking about the recipe for instant-Steve-lunatic soup! Fortunately, I had four things going for me:

A.) I was jacked up out of my gourd on caffeine.
B.) I had my trusty Cintiq at the job with me.
C.) I'd just watched a YouTube Video of Reinaldo Quintero coloring, and was hyped to color!

I opened up my B&W piece, and went to work, and VOILA!!

(Methinks I may get the hang of coloring on ye olde tablet yet...)

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