Wednesday, October 24, 2012

W.O.W DAY, 2012 Style!!

So I was so busy getting ready for NYCC that I'd forgotten that the Women of Wonder Day Charity Auction was almost upon me once again!  I was able to throw down a couple of pieces, and get them off to Andy Mangels just in the nick of time.

Inspired yet again by my fellow art hooligan DJ Jackson's ridiculously awesome drawing of Cheetara (of Thundercats fame) in my sketchbook, I decided to show a little love to the other two Thunder-chicas, Pumyra and Wilykit.

Started off with a couple of roughs:


From there, I fleshed the ideas out to semi-tight blueline pencils:

And from there to tight, clean pencil lines:


At this point, I started with colors.  (I'm still on training wheels as far as non-digital coloring goes, so every new piece is a sort of experiment for me.  I used Prismacolor Pencil on the skin, and Prismacolor marker on everything else):



A couple different hues for depth, lightbox-doodle the TC logo in the background, and Voila!!!


I'm never able to follow the live auctions, so I always wonder how well the pieces do.  Not that it matters, because it's all for a good cause!

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